GCSE Edexcel Geography- Eco-town Key Words

Some important definitions for GCSE Edexcel Geography Decision making exercise on Eco-towns

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Government- sponsored programme of new towns to be built in England, which are intended to achieve exemplary standards of sustainability

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An area of parks or rural land surrounding a town or city on which development is strictly controlled

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Urban sprawl

The expansion of cities and towns into surrounding rural areas in an unplanned manner

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Affordable housing

Housing built for sale or rent at a price below the going market rate. The price is related to the ability to pay for it by those in need.

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Brownfield sites

Development sites which have previously been used for other buildings

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Greenfield sites

Development sites which have not previously been built on

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Social housing

Housing development partly or fully funded by the government to assist low income families

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New town

Purpose built community on the edge of greenbelts around major cities which are self contained and provide homes and jobs.

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A community of people who share a living area

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you have really revived my chances of attaining an A* for Geography

Just one more question. Can you do another presentation or something on the DME itself to help us more??

thanks a bunch :D:D


No problem...

I have now done a presentation on the DME:


and am currently writing advantages and disadvantages of each town which I will upload shortly =)

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