GCSE Edexcel Geography- Eco-town notes

I have written notes for each part of the decision making exercise 2010

I have also written some flashcards which contain essential definitions...


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Geography Decision Making
Eco-towns…read more

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Figure 1
Brownfield vs. Greenfield
Greenfield Greenfield Brownfield Brownfield
Advantages Disadvantages Advantages Disadvantages
Space for lower Distances from Usually fewer Contaminated sites
density land use town centres can objections by local can be too
be far people expensive to clear
Good quality of life New main roads Reduce loss of Site access ma be
needed countryside poor
Can be cheaper to Open space Improve look of May not be in an
develop reduced affecting area area where people
local villages want to live…read more

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Figure 2
· Greenbelts are areas around cities designed to
stop urban sprawl.
· They were set up around most of the UK's largest
cities in the 1940's and building is restricted
within them.
· Limiting urban sprawl meant there was a shortage
of housing space in the cities so, new towns and
expanded towns were built beyond the Greenbelt
to house the overspill population.…read more

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Figure 3
· Reasons for increasing population
­ Increase in birth rate
­ Decrease in death rate
­ Increase in Immigration
· Increasing the population will lead to more
people per square kilometer…read more

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Figure 4
· One person households have increased the most
­ More people are choosing are not to marry due to
careers/ marrying later in life
­ More young people want a home of their own
­ Increasing life expectancy leads to one partner being
left on their own for a longer period of time yet
wanting to maintain independence.
­ One parent families have increased as a result of
family breakdowns
­ The number of co-habiting couples have increased as
social traditions have changed
· (When reading graph; the bottom of the colour is
zero)…read more

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Figure 5
· Other types of housing: bungalow, houseboat
· Upkeep of social housing is funded by local councils, as
they have been forced to reduce spending in recent years,
there is less money available for improvements.
· Since 1981 there has been an increase in the number of
owner occupied housing and a decrease in the number of
socially rented ones because of Tory `right to buy' policy.
· The number of privately rented houses are also decreased
after this time as more people were encouraged to buy
their own properties
· Home ownership is lowest in London as house prices are
higher than in the rest of the country
· The significant number of second homes in England
reduces the availability of housing as they are not available
for others to rent when empty…read more

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