Frankenstein chapter summaries volume 2


Volume 2 chapter 1

Frankenstein is tormented by guilt. The family retires to Belrive> He contemplates suicide and finds himself out of harminy with his magnificent surroundings.He nurtures a oathological hatred of his creation and thinks of nothing but revenge. Elizabeth now sees mankind as momsters her views increase Frankensteins pain. he takes a tour of the chaminoux vallley to try and escape his emotional turmoil.

Frnkenstein is isolated emotionally caught between his hatred of the monser and his love of his family.Both of whihc are equally painful.Nature plays a jey role the awesome God revealing natural world that frankenstein loves is ironically set against his unnatural rejection of that order in setting himself up as God through his scientific researches. Elizabth's view of men as monsters tellingly questions whether it is fankernstein or his creature which is truly monsterous.

Volume 2 chapter 2

Frankenstein cintinues his tour of chamounix. He climbs mountanvert where he calls on the wandering spirits to help him. At this the monster appears. Frankenstein, in fury threatens to kill him but the monster remains rational and asks frankenstein to help him in his misery threatening bloody revenge is he fails to do so. The monster is eloquent in presenting his intrinsically good nature and his pitiful isolation of the world.He begs Frankenstein to hear his story.

Frankenstein seeks escape in the rugged wilderness of the mountiains. The meeting between creator and creature is loaded with biblical and Miltonic references to the story of Adam Satan and God.

Volume 2 chapter 3

The monster recunts his early development and awareness of the world around him. Tormented by want the minster resides in the forests near Ingolstadt. As he travels in search of food and shelter, whenever he comes in contact with humans he suffers maltreatment  in spite of his efforts to befriend them. He finally takes refuge in a hovel by a cottage whre he spends his time observing the inhabitants (de laceys)

In this chapter we enter the heart of the novel the monsters narrative. Shelley emphasises the early innocence anf good nature of the monster which contrasts eith the humans he meets and their treatment of him.The monster;'s innnocence and capacity for love id gradually being undermined. Isolation is emphasised.

Volume 2 chapter 4

The monster grows to admire and love the De lacey family elping them however he can in secret,He tries to learn theor language he realises that they are unhappy and cannot understand why they possess everything he lacks(love,shelter,companionship)One day seeing his reflection in a pool the monster becomes of his…


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