Themes in Frankenstein


Sanity and Insanity:

  • 'for they had called me mad; and during many months, as I understood, a solitary cell had been my admission' chapter 23
  • 'such a declaration would have been considered as the ravings of a madman' chapter 8
  • 'I well knew that if any other had communicated such a relation to me, I should have looked upon it as the ravings of insanity.' chapter 7
  • all he cares about is if he seems mad, his fear of seeming this way means he allows justine to die, and also for the creature to carry on with his killing spree


  • Frankenstein and the Creature are locked in an endless cycle of vengence
  • Frankenstein doesn't care for the Creature, the Creature wishes vengence on him for his lack of nurture
  • He deserves love, he kills those Victor…


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