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5 Quotations on Frank
· "Larry was born in August. He'd been twenty-seven this month. And
his tree blows down" Through the use of simple sentences it is
highlighted how Frank knows the effect the tree has in relation to
Larry and the significance of the tree to the family especially Kate.
· Frank finds out Larry's "favourable day" which in turn plays to
Kate's obsession that her son is still alive.
· "That boy's going to be a real doctor; he's smart." This shows how
Frank has such belief in the American Dream and that anyone can
achieve it.
· "The trouble with you is, you don't believe in anything." Frank says
this to Jim showing how if Jim believed in horoscopes then maybe
his son would come back.
· "Kate! Kate!" Frank says this when Kate is about to let out the fact
that Joe wasn't ill during the war. Through the use of exclamatives
Frank is used as a tension breaking device here and prevents Kate
from saying that Joe was not in fact ill and sent out the faulty parts.…read more

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3 Adjectives to sum up Frank
· Supporting
· Materialist
· Happy…read more

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Quotations from other characters
· "In a peculiar way. Frank is right." This shows that Joe is
agreeing with Frank even though most characters think
that it is just preventing Ann from coming to terms with
Larry's death.
· "Stop filling her head with junk." Chris says this when
Frank is telling Kate about the horoscope, as he wants to
marry Ann but cannot get his mothers approval as she is
Larry's girl.…read more

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How does Frank fit in with Key
· Frank fits in with the American Dream as he believes it is
important to be respected in America, he believes that it
is something people should aspire and work for.
· Frank also fits with Duty and Responsibility as he
believes that he has to give Ann the horoscope to give
her hope that Larry is still alive.…read more

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How is Frank important in terms of
· Frank links in with historical context as he believes that
the American dream is something that should be
respected by all people and it is something that should be
aspired towards, thus he follows the norms of society.
· Frank follows Aristotle's three Unities as when finding out
the horoscope he observes unities of time, place and to a
certain degree action.…read more

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