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  • War
    • Larry's letter is a consequence of war, and makes Joe kill himself so he becomes another causality of war - the war wasn't over characters carried it inside them
      • "they were all me sons"
    • The comfort Keller displays at the beginning epitomises everything that he has been able to extract from the war
      • "Joe Keller is sitting in the sun reading the want ads"
    • Kate + Ann provide 2 examples of how people cope with loss, for Kate it shapes her most fundamental convictions for Ann she re-establishes a connection with the past
      • "That's why there's a God, so certain things can never happen" "I was waiting for you, Chris"
    • Veterans are changed by the war-they're expected to re-enter society but they no longer fit in comfortably with their old lives
      • "Don't civilise me"
    • Time in the service gave an experience outside prior experiences and ambitions to better themselves - Chris
      • "The business doesn't inspire me"
    • Frank is marker most by the fact he wasn't in the war - doesn't fit in easily with post-war society where characters partly defined by their role in War
      • "with almost obvious envy" "a little apologetically"
    • War brought to the fore traits the characters always possessed - Joe's lack of consideration for anyone but family, Ann's strength and Kate's controlling nature
      • "Nothin' is bigger (than family)" "I'm not going out of here alone" "Be smart"


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