Appearance vs reality

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  • Appearance          vs               Reality
    • Individual characters
      • Deceptive motives in Nora - pretends ignorance and conforms to norms of society but really seeks independence
        • "I aquired the same tastes or I pretended to" - finds it hard to be individualistic in patriarchial society - 19th century Norway women no rights and property of husbands so "aquired tastes! dictated.
      • Kate = mentally unstable but has created calculated deception to keep her family. Chris seems happy but isn't
        • "[with an undercurrent of observation]" - she's with holding her true nature    "[laughing]"// "felt wrong to be alive" - survivors guilt
    • Truth and deception
      • N deceives herself about T when he only really cares about appearances
        • "miracle", "All we can do is save the bits and pieces from the wreck, preserve appearances" - metaphor of inking ship shows priorities and value of dignity in Norway at this time high.
      • Joe truly believes the lie himself. Chris high morals but doesn't turn Joe in
        • "you play cards with a man you know he can't be a murderer" - dramatic irony in reality everyone knows "a kind of responisibility man for man" contrast "i suspected my father and did nothing" so played equal part in crimes- people who didn't serve in war didn't understand social responsibility.
    • Set
      • Traditional family 'backyard'
        • "open unroofed porch" = illusion of typical American family in reality - "secluded atmospher" not what it seems
    • Props/ Symbols
      • Christmas tree
        • "the children mustn't see it till... it's decorated" appears though she has authority but inreality she parallels herself as tree and T as children
      • Apple tree
    • Last paragraph
      • Alternative ending = the unrealistic ideals of society which don't truthfully represent society in reality
      • American dream appears great but in reality people who have it are immoral - frank


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