Deception in a Doll's House and all my sons

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  • Deception
    • Set
      • Closed doors = entrapment by deception Repetition of doors and no key = inevitable consequences  First word hide = secrets and deception threaded through-out.
      • Hedges = surrounded by deception
        • "closely planted" = entrapment "Secluded atmosphere" = Joe's deception being alone in his belief it was the right thing to do     "poplars cut off view" = seems open but not - mirror's Keller's relationship
    • Symbolism
      • Tarantella Macaroons
        • "Nora dances more and more wildly" - it is out of her control and taking over her life, her poison = secrets. Represents hope of escape          "she stuffs (them) into her pocket" - highlights her deception on larger scale.
      • Larry's tree
        • "it was too soon" - self deception, cataphoric reference to ending with truth in letter suggests kate knows the truth     "Believe with me joe"//"all right" - defelctive answers show he's trying to avoid statement and deceive her
    • Other characters
      • Mrs Linde = foil contrast to Nora to highlight N's deception and deception in Nora's and T's marriage
        • "Not even a broken heart" - complete honesty      "I have faith in what ... you are" unlike N+T
      • Chris = honest and Joe= dishonest
        • "Nobody comes back after three years"//"You can't say that to her" = Joe's deception      "Joe mcguts" - lexis = strong relationship makes his deception worse.
    • Money
      • Nora deceives K for money and T about it
        • "You insisted on going through with all those cold-blooded formalities" - believes deception necessary so decep for money justified
      • Joe doesn't want to lose money and uses society as an excuse
        • "Hundred and twenty cracked and you're out of business" - needed money for american dream, pronoun get to sympathy  "war and peace, nickels and dimes...what's clean?" society pressures him to make money for his fam.
    • Last paragraph
      • Alternative ending = society's deception about ideals - idea they're living in a Doll's House.
      • Society is deceived by importance and meaning of American dream - Frank's living it but he's also a draft dodger


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