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  • Courage
    • Nora stands up to Krogstad
      • "I'm not afraid of you anymore"
    • Nora takes on the burden of the debt
      • "He must never on any account" "Its meant a lot of worry for me"
    • T lacks it
      • "Only in the eyes of the world...preserve appearances"
    • Krogs gains it
      • "If only I could undo what I've done...I shall demand my letter back"
    • Anne Marie was forced to have it
      • "When a poor girl's been in trouble she must make the best of things" imperative
    • Joe's suicide - coward
      • "Don't take it on yourself" just because J shunned his responsibility
    • Frank draft dodger
      • "A little apologetically"
    • Anne and Chris be together
      • "I was waiting for you, Chris" "
    • Jim doesn't have courage to stand up to Sue
      • "Or if he'd like to take a trip around the world"
    • Characters in the war
      • "A little more selfish and they'd've been here today"


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