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How far did Napoleon maintain the ideals of the French Revolution?

The nature of Napoleon's rule has been an issue for debate ever since he seized power. Some
have seen him, as Napoleon saw himself, as the saviour of France whose enlightened rule brought
benefits to the French…

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because he did introduce the enlightened idea of religious toleration, people should have "freedom
and conscience" and freedom to practice their chosen religion.

In the area of equality, the Napoleonic regime does in some respect seem to have confirmed the
ideas of the revolution. The principle of the equality of…

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of France and the mayor of larger communes. The first three were appointed from the national list
and the last from the communal lists. At the centre there was no cabinet system, individual
ministers reported directly to Napoleon. All effective decision making was concentrated in his
hands, no minister or…

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Secondary education was largely restricted to the middle classes and sons of officers in the army.
In the 37 schools that were found in France the curriculum was closed supervised. Free thinking
was discouraged. Schools taught a utilitarian curriculum based around France, mathematics,
history, geography and science and inculcated both…




This essay contains a great deal of factual information to explore the ideology of Napoleon. It considers arguments for and against and is useful for seeing how key information could be used.

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