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Fossils and Evolution
By Amina…read more

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What are Fossils?
They are the remains of dead
organisms that lived millions of
years ago.…read more

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What is the fossil record?
It is the collection of fossils from
different periods of time, which can
then be interpreted to form a
hypothesis about the evolution of life
on Earth.…read more

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The fossil record has many gaps in it.
Why are there gaps?
The gaps indicate that scientists must
interpret how organisms changed over
time from incomplete data.
The same sets of data can be
interpreted in different ways,
because fossils are frequently
damaged or incomplete.…read more

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Where are many fossils buried?
Many fossils are buried deep in the
earth and have not yet been found.
By collecting more fossil evidence,
what can we do?
We have better conclusions to
illustrate.…read more

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More evidence for evolution
Most vertebrates have limbs and though the
limbs may look very different on the outside,
the internal bone structure is very similar. This
is also true of fossil vertebrates.
Even fossil ancestors of limbless living
vertebrates have the same basic five-fingered
(pentadactyl) limb structures.
This suggests that all vertebrates
evolved from one common ancestor
hundreds of millions of years ago…read more

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