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The Fossil Record…read more

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Fossil Formation
· Fossils are made up of hard body parts
such as bones ,teeth and shells, which
stay as the original material, although
eventually will become replaced by
surrounding minerals which is a copy of
the original plant or animal.
· For example, dinosaur bones will be like
rock after 65 million years.…read more

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Fossil Formation
· Another way that fossils are formed is
when dead organisms are trapped in
certain conditions (e.g amber/hardened
tree resin, peat bogs, tar or in ice) can be
preserved.…read more

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Fossil Formation
· The final way in which fossils are formed is
of casts / impressions of footprints,
burrows or leaves that have been covered
in layers of sediment which over millions of
years become rocks.…read more

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Fossil Records
· Fossils records can be built up showing
how animals and plants have changed
since life began and how they have
adapted, evolved.
· Fossils can even be found of animals that
have become extinct before records began…read more

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From Dinosaurs to Dodos
· Through fossil records we have been able
to find out about all sorts of animals who
have lived and became extinct before us.
· We can also find out about the lifestyles of
the animals due to the location of where
the fossils are found.
· The age of the fossils also shows us how
old the fossils are due to where they are in
the rock.…read more

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