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Psychology Notes
Relationships <3

The Formation of Romantic Relationships
Filter Theory: Kerckhoff and Davis, 1963 (A01)

They argue that relationships go through stages in which different things are important at different
times. Relationships develop in three stages. At each stage people are filtered out as unsuitable,
leaving a smaller group…

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Psychology Notes
Relationships <3

(A02/3)Evaluation of studies :

Kurckhoff theory/study:

Study is dated, conducted 1962- This means that there is low historical validity as the
research was conducted at a more conservative time when western ideals based on love
were dominant and an imposed etic was also present- Ignores important…

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Psychology Notes
Relationships <3

enter relationships because the presence of some individuals is directly linked with reinforcement,
which makes them more attractive to us.

CLASSICAL CONDITIONING- We also like people who are associated with pleasant events. If we
meet someone in a good mood, we're much more inclined to like…


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