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Home work Saturday, 28 November

The main causes of hunger
Poverty is one of the main reasons why people are suffering from hunger;
because they do not have access to food.
Soil degradation (break down and loss of fertility of the soil) caused due to
erosion and Stalinisation (build…

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Home work Saturday, 28 November

Green revolution
Green revolution took place in 1950's when the scientists focused on how to
feed the growing population which involved breeding of high-yielding,
varieties of seed for crops such as wheat, sorghum and rice, and a huge
increase in the use of fertilisers,…

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Home work Saturday, 28 November

Sub-Saharan Africa
The above graph shows the changes in grain yield per hectare in Latin
American/ Caribbean, south Asia, and Sub- Saharan Africa. It suggests that
after green revolution the yield in South Asia and Latin American increased
dramatically. On the other hand, in…


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