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Flag- John Agard
Strict structure- each stanza has three lines, first line is a question, second line is
repeated phrase "just a piece of cloth" and third line is answer to question. ( only
first four stanzas).
Strict structure shows that a flag can control people and that patriotism restricts the
thoughts of people.
Repeated question and answer encourages the reader to question the significance
of the flag.
Verbs used such as "fluttering" and "rising" suggest that the flag is high up.
This can suggest that the flag is superior and overpowering.
Verbs become more powerful as you go through the poem e.g. from "fluttering" to
Shows that the flag is dominating and is growing stronger.
"Just a piece of cloth" ­ the word just suggests that the flag is insignificant.
Third line of each stanza has powerful imagery of the effects of patriotism.
Powerful images force the reader to question the importance of the flag.
Juxtaposition is used: the second line suggests that the flag is unimportant, yet the
third line shows us the large impact of the flag and patriotism.
Rhythm and Rhyme
Consistent (aba) rhyme scheme
Shows that the flag is controlling as the rhyme scheme is controlled throughout.
Enjambment in second line so it flows straight into the third line.
This emphasises the juxtaposition and highlights the dominating nature of the flag.
Negative tone towards flag and patriotism.


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