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By John Agard…read more

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· The poem explores the oppressive and destructive power of
patriotism…read more

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· The poem has a very strict, uniform structure
· Each stanza has 3 lines
· Each stanza begins with a question and ends with an answer
· 2 voices are used- 1 for the question, 1 for the answer…read more

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Form: Explanation
· The strict uniform structure represents how patriotism can be
destructive on our independence of thought
· The question and answer in each stanza shows how the poem is
reflective. The poet makes the reader question their own attitudes
towards patriotism…read more

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· `Fluttering
· `Unfurling'
· `Rising'
· `Flying'
· The verbs used in the first line of each stanza convey movement of
the flag
· The movement of the flag grows more powerful as the poem
progresses ­ may suggest the flag is overpowering…read more

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