Flag Analysis

AQA Conflict Cluster ---> Flag by John Agard

These are my own annonations : )

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What's that fluttering in a breeze?
It's just a piece of cloth
that brings a nation to its knees.
What's that unfurling from a pole?
It's just a piece of cloth
that makes the guts of men grow bold.
What's that rising over a tent?
It's just a piece of cloth
that dares the coward to relent.
What's that flying across a field?
It's just a piece of cloth
that will outlive the blood you bleed.
How can I possess such a cloth?
Just ask for a flag, my friend.
Then blind your conscience to the end.
*Brings a nation to its knees Respect, Repressing another country
*Makes us reflect the true meaning of a flag
*Present Tense Still happens today (relates to our lives)
Questions and answers Provoke emotions
*Flag waving- patriotism flag controls you ­ when you see the flag, you're blinded and change your
beliefs based on it.


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