Final Years of the Terror 1949-1953

The very last years of the yterror, not much but may come in use in the exam :)

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Terror in the final years 1949-1953
What Happened Why?
Purging the Purge of top army ranks/intelligence areas Blamed for not warning Stalin
`Red Army' about Germany (Stalin hadn't
Fed 1937-Nov1938: 39,000 officers & 3,000 listened to previous advice)
naval officers executed
Russia were suffering heavy
Generals who performed badly, shot defeat. Needed all the military
But had to stop & release some from Gulags to experience available
aid the war effort
The `enemy o Political prisoners in areas under threat of
within' invasion killed.
o Kalmyks: 130,000 people forced to move to
Feared they would be
Siria sympathetic to a German
o invasion
o by 1953, only 53,000 survived due to treatment.
o Checken people: 46,000 forced to move in 7
o Harsh weather meant some couldn't & were
locked in stables & starved.
Prisoners of 1.5 million POW: returned after the war, were Stalin felt they had disobeyed
war (POW) interrogated & exiled much like those who had his direct order to not be
heroically escaped captured

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Terror in the final years 1949-1953
Purge of the 1945: 12% senior Gov, managers were Jewish Stalin was concerned with those
Jews who had contact with the
By 1951: 4% Jewish outside world.
Jews had more legality to other
Jews than to Russia
All Jews in sensitive areas (e.g.…read more


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