Russia (1924-1953)

A timeline of key events from Lenin to the end of Stalins rule

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Key Events from the 2nd Book
1924- Lenin's death creates a vacuum for the position as Communist leader
The struggle for power starts between:
Trotsky- Leader of Red Army, was supported by many Communists and often worked with
Lenin face to face. Strong Leftist
Stalin- Moderate, member of the Central Committee, head of the General Secretary.
Bukharin- Was seen as a revolutionary during the Civil War, was Lenin's favourite. Strong
Zinoviev- Met Lenin after being exiled 1907, least appealing in the party and disagreed on a
number of Lenin's ideas
Kamenev- Was more cautious than revolutionary, became chairman of the Central Committee
after Lenin died
1923- Creation of the Triumvirate
Zinoviev & Kamenev keeps Stalin in the party (unlike Lenin, who in his Testament wanted
rid of Stalin) by saying he had changed
Stalin ensured Trotsky missed important dates including Lenin's funeral to damage his
Zinoviev created the term `Trotskyism' which claimed that Trotsky was not compatible
with Leninism due to him previously being a Menshevik.
1924- Trotsky and his Leftist group defeated during the Thirteenth Party Congress.
1925- The Triumvirate split after accomplishing their plan to destroy Trotsky's chances of being the
new leader.
Stalin and Bukharin become the `Duumvirate' and Z &K form the `New Opposition'
1925-The Duumvirate defeat the `New Opposition' at the Fourteenth Party Congress
1925- Trotsky resigns as head of the Red Army under accusations of becoming a `Bonapartist'
1926-1927- NEP encounters problems
Trotsky returns and joins Z and K as the `United Opposition'
1927- Trotsky, Zinoviev and Kamenev are expelled from the Party in the Fifteenth Party Congress.
This was probably attributed because of Stalin had many supporters in the Party (that he
1927- Kirov is elected for the Chairman of the Leningrad Party

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Stalin breaks with Bukharin and the NEP
Oct 1928- First 5 Year Plan was created
Apr 1929- Stalin declares his victory over Bukharin during a meeting at the Central Committee.
Apr-Nov 1929- Stalin campaigns against Bukharin still until he loses all power.
Dec 1929- Forced Collectivisation was ordered.…read more

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Jan 1938- Third 5 Year plan was created
Publication of The Short Course of the History of the All-Union Communist Party
1939- Yezhov is arrested
Nazi Soviet Pact
Hitler invades Poland
Red Army attacks Finland (and fails)
1941- 100% of farms were Collectivised
Russia enters WW2 after Hitler breaks the Nazi-Soviet Pact
Sep - Operation Typhoon
Nov- Lend Lease with Russia begins
May 1942- Official alliance between the UK, USA and USSR
June - Operation Blue
Sep- Operation Uranus
1943- Tehran Conference
1944- Kalmyks and…read more

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People's Democracies' established in Czechoslovakia, Romania and Bulgaria
1949- The Leningrad Affair
Eastern Bloc emerges
People's Democracies' established in East Germany
Aug- First Soviet Atomic Bomb is tested
1952- Doctors' Plot
1953- Stalin dies…read more


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