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Key Events from the 2nd Book
1924- Lenin's death creates a vacuum for the position as Communist leader

The struggle for power starts between:
Trotsky- Leader of Red Army, was supported by many Communists and often worked with
Lenin face to face. Strong Leftist
Stalin- Moderate, member of the Central…

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1928- Stalin breaks with Bukharin and the NEP

Oct 1928- First 5 Year Plan was created

Apr 1929- Stalin declares his victory over Bukharin during a meeting at the Central Committee.

Apr-Nov 1929- Stalin campaigns against Bukharin still until he loses all power.

Dec 1929- Forced Collectivisation was ordered.


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Jan 1938- Third 5 Year plan was created
Publication of The Short Course of the History of the All-Union Communist Party

1939- Yezhov is arrested
Nazi Soviet Pact
Hitler invades Poland
Red Army attacks Finland (and fails)

1941- 100% of farms were Collectivised

Russia enters WW2 after Hitler breaks the…

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1948- People's Democracies' established in Czechoslovakia, Romania and Bulgaria

1949- The Leningrad Affair
Eastern Bloc emerges
People's Democracies' established in East Germany
Aug- First Soviet Atomic Bomb is tested

1952- Doctors' Plot

1953- Stalin dies


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