Features of Common Digital Devices

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Features of Common Digital Devices
Mobile Phones
The core purpose of a mobile phone is to send and receive SMS messages, as
well as calling over a mobile phone network. In some highend mobile
phones, you may also get 3G functionality, a basic camera and a MP3 player.
A good example of a basic mobile phone is a Nokia `brick' from the early
A smartphone , basically a more advanced mobile phone, allows you to do all
of the above PLUS watch videos, play games/apps, send/receive email, a
more intuitive User Interface...and a higher price. A good example of a
smartphone is the Apple iPhone or Samsung's equivalent, the Samsung
Galaxy series.
Benefits of a Smartphone:
Take good photographs, or videos. Some of the latest mobile phones,
including the Apple iPhone SE/6S, allow you to record in 4K video. You
definitely wouldn't have been able to do that 10 years ago!
Browse the Internet safely. Apple iPhone's do not allow you to
download files, thus narrow chances of downloading viruses. They are
also very simple and easy to browse the Internet on.
Global Positioning System (GPS) tracker. If you lose your smartphone,
you can track it (and wipe it) remotely. If you do a lot of running, you
can track your movement and time on some apps. If you're a company
owner, you can track your employees ­ make sure they're doing their
Entertainment ­ you can watch online videos including YouTube, use
social networking apps such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Skype etc
as well as communicate with your friends.
Productivity ­ you can send emails and even now use some Office apps
on smartphones. Rather than sit on a train listening to music, you can
do some work and leave work 10 minutes earlier!
Flash memory ­ if you drop your phone, yes your screen is likely to
smash, but you will (hopefully) have uncorrupted data, meaning it can
be recovered.
Responsible use:
Don't take photos of people that is embarrassing or humiliating
Don't bully others on social media
Don't overuse (you could develop RSI in extreme cases)
Don't use it everywhere. Put it down when walking or in a library

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Desktop Computers
Need input and output devices to function (basic ones include mouse
and keyboard)
Have HDD's and optical drives
Very powerful processers (if you spend the money for it)
Very easy to upgrade and enhance by adding extra components or
Battery powered (although can be used while charging too)
Monitor, keyboard, pointing device all built in
HDD's and optical drives are there. Some modern ones have flash
storage.…read more

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RAM ­ Random Access Memory ­ store files temporarily on a chip whilst the
hard drive is busy installing other software. Speeds the computer up.
Graphics Card ­ the component that allows your computer to display
graphics. Gaming PC's require a very good graphics card as games are fairly
demanding.…read more


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