Common features

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  • Common features
    • Processor
      • controls all the functions of the device - socialist microprocessors for different devices
    • internal memory
      • stores program instructions and data from microprocessor
      • different devices have different amounts of internal memory - measured in bytes
    • Digital devices are storage
      • in addition to internal memory - contain components that can store data
    • Flash memory
      • type of peripheral ideal for portable digital devices
        • doesn't lose data when turned off
        • no moving parts so cannot be easily damaged - solid state
        • removable and can be used to transfer data between devices
      • types
        • micro SD cards - for smaller devices
        • SDXC (extended capacity) card - stores up to 2TB
        • USB flash drive or memory stick - pugs into the USB port and stores up to 256GB
        • secure digital (SD) card - stores up to 32GB
        • SDHC (high capacity) card - stores up to 32GB


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