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Faulting, Faults and the
Resultant Landforms…read more

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What is a fault?
A fault is a rupture in
rocks along which
displacement has
Strictly speaking a
fault is a planar
surface ­ a fault plane…read more

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San Andreas Fault
A fault shows up
on the ground
(map view) as a
fault line or
fault trace
Displacement of river along the
fault line…read more

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Movement can
be vertical or
horizontal and is
often both…read more

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Faults and forces
Faulting ie.
rupturing occurs in
response to the
forces applied to
the rocks.
They reflect the
bigger tectonic
picture.…read more

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More technical bits of faults
This is the upthrow This is the downthrow side
Movement is shown as being relative
Heave is the horizontal component of movement
Throw is the vertical component of movement…read more

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