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Effects of volcanoes on the landscape:
Extrusive igneous activity: the outpouring of material from the Earths rust produces a variety of
landforms the most significant of which are volcanoes and lava plateau. Their impact on the
landscape depends on a number of factors; magnitude and scale of the event causing them and
different types of material being extruded.
A lava plateau is usually an extensive area of balsatic lava, often with a layered structure.…read more

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The most common example is
granite. Bodies of intrusive rocks are called "batholiths".
The heat transferred from the magma to the country rock causes metamorphic rock to be
produced around the intruding magma.
*Insert batholiths, sills and dykes*
*Insert Isle of Arran*
Effects of Earthquakes on Landscapes:
The outer part of the Earth is relatively cold. This means that when stressed it tends to break.
These breaks, across which slip has occurred, are called faults.…read more


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