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Specification topic Case study Description
Causes Samar Island, Philippines This occurred in August 2012 and the
magnitude was 7.6. The physical
impacts include a small tsunami of
16cm according to the Pacific Tsunami
Warning Center. There were power cuts
in Visayas and Mendocino. 10 people
died and there was $3…

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coast of Gwadar. 328 people were
killed, 300,000 were affected over 6
districts and 90% of buildings were
destroyed. Pakistan's troops were the
first to respond with 200 soldiers.
Causes Blackpool, UK A 2.3 magnitude earthquake occurred
as a result of fracking which resulted in
a temporary ban in 2013.…

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landscape is layered. Other extrusive
landforms surround the area: rhyolite
hills, calderas and vents. It is obscured
by recent lava flows.
Physical impacts El Jorullo, Mexico It is formed by the trans-Mexican
volcanic belt due to the subduction of
the Cocos plate and the North
American plate. It is 1000km…

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include the Erta Ale volcano and the
Nyragongo volcano.
Physical impacts Nyragongo Volcano, Democratic There was a city (Goma) with 1 million
Republic of Congo. people living below it and if it was to
erupt, there would be a large amount of
casualties as a result of many of the…


Mr A Gibson


A four page fact sheet that will give you loads of examples you could use for case studies. Nicely organised into a table - easy to use as part of your learning tools.

Bethany Cunningham


Thanks again Mr Gibson. I am glad for the great feedback!

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