A2 Geography, Edexcel, unit 4, tectonic hazards option- case study grid.

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Here is a case study grid that can be applied to the unit 4 topic, researched so you don't have to.

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Causes Samar Island, Philippines This occurred in August 2012 and the
magnitude was 7.6. The physical
impacts include a small tsunami of
16cm according to the Pacific Tsunami
Warning Center. There were power cuts
in Visayas and Mendocino. 10 people
died and there was $3 million in
infrastructure damage. There was a
tsunami evacuation issued to areas
from Indonesia to Japan and officials
advised residents to move to higher
Causes Eyjafjallajoekull volcanic eruption This occurred between the months of
March and April in 2010, it was a
strombolian eruption where the second
eruption resulted in a 1km fissure that
caused flooding as it was a glacier
covered vent. It raised the rivers by 3m
and a 27 story tall of magma was
released. There was 104mg of fluorine
per kg of ash; the effects on livestock
include renal and hepatic effects.
Infrastructure was severely disrupted as
the airspace passing Iceland was
closed: diverting flights in Boston and
delaying flights in Heathrow. 500 people
were evacuated in the 1st eruption and
800 people were evacuated in the 2nd
eruption, a state of emergency was
declared and it cost 150 million a day
for 6 days.
Causes Haiti earthquake In January 2010, a magnitude 7 hit Haiti
in Port-au-Prince (the capital and the
most densely populated section of
Haiti). It was a result of the slip of the
Enriquillo Plaintain Garden fault which
was locked for 200 years. There was a
5.9 aftershock, 20 million m3 of rubble
and only 5% has been cleared. 230,000
were killed, 1 million were homeless
and 3 million were affected. Small
businesses lost everything as they
couldn't afford rent and there are
100,000 reusable buildings. 1/5 jobs
were lost and ½ million remain in
tents.80% of people live below the
poverty line and there was $5.8 billion
US relief yet half was paid as debt relief.
The Dominican were the 1st to respond
with an emergency team, ICE-SAR were
24 hours late, Qatar brought strategic
transport and 50 tonnes of relief. The
American Red Cross ran out of supplies,
housing is not prioritised by the
government and there was a cholera
epidemic which further slowed the
recovery cycle.
Causes Baluchistan, Pakistan On the 24th September 2013, a 7.7
magnitude earthquake hit Baluchistan
and a 200m island appeared off the

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Gwadar. 328 people were
killed, 300,000 were affected over 6
districts and 90% of buildings were
destroyed. Pakistan's troops were the
first to respond with 200 soldiers.
Causes Blackpool, UK A 2.3 magnitude earthquake occurred
as a result of fracking which resulted in
a temporary ban in 2013.
Human impacts California, USA California accounts for 9.1% of the
population. The benefits of California
include the prospects and diverse range
of jobs and the American Dream:
Hollywood and LA.…read more

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Other extrusive
landforms surround the area: rhyolite
hills, calderas and vents. It is obscured
by recent lava flows.
Physical impacts El Jorullo, Mexico It is formed by the trans-Mexican
volcanic belt due to the subduction of
the Cocos plate and the North
American plate. It is 1000km in length
from the Pacific Ocean to the gulf of
Physical impacts Mount Mayon, Philippines Produces Strombolian and Vulcanian
eruptions. Case study of December
2009/January 2010. Mount Mayon is
located on Luzon Island.…read more

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Erta Ale volcano and the
Nyragongo volcano.
Physical impacts Nyragongo Volcano, Democratic There was a city (Goma) with 1 million
Republic of Congo. people living below it and if it was to
erupt, there would be a large amount of
casualties as a result of many of the
houses created from lava rock. This
country is politically unstable as it is in
constant warfare with neighbouring
Rwanda and it is the location of one of
the largest UN forces of 20,000 troops.…read more


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