Families & Households introductory revision

  • Definitions of family, household and conjugal roles
  • 3 reasons for rising divorce rates
  • 3 reasons for rising cohabitation rates
  • 3 reasons for rise in same sex relationships
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AS Sociology 22nd April 2010
Families & Households revision
Basic stuff/Intro
Family: A group of people related by birth or marriage
Household: People living under the same roof (e.g. Students)
Conjugal roles: Household chores such as cleaning, cooking, DIY etc.
3 Reasons for rising divorce rates
1. More socially acceptable
2. Women are more independent
3. Divorce Reform Act 1969
3 Reasons for rising rates of Cohabitation
1. It's cheaper
2. "Testing the water"
3. Similar rights for cohabitees
3 Reasons for rise in same sex relationships
1. Legalisation of Homosexuality ­ 1967
2. More socially acceptable
3. Civil Partnership Act 2005
Chris Cartwright


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