Sociology Revision - Family Diversity

Notes on Family Diversity for the Family Unit of AS AQA Sociology

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Sociology Revision ­ Nuclear Family:
Nuclear family still ideal:
o Robert Chester ­ "The Neo-Conventional" Nuclear Family
o Most people still wish to get married and have children
o Most children are reared by natural parents
o Most live in households with a married couple
o Most marriages continue until parted by death
Arguments for family diversity:
o Decline in nuclear families, increase in; extended, lone ­ parent,
reconstituted and gay
o Cultural Diversity:
Ken Pyrce ­ West Indian Families ­ Single Parent
families ­ Low Marriage rate ­ Low divorce rate ­
Driver and Ballard ­ South Asian ­ Patriarchal ­
Strong Family values, traditional extended families
­ High Marriage rate ­ Low divorce rate
o Regional Diversity:
Eversley and Bonnergy ­ Costal Areas = Geriatric
Wards ­ South East/West = Sun-Belt, Family
o Rapapors:
S ­ Social Class
O ­ Organizational
C ­ Class
C ­ Co­hort
S ­ Stage of life


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