Factors affecting the level of demand for resources

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Population and resources
Factors affecting the level of demand for resources
Economic growth: as a nation gets richer more people can afford luxuries hence
increasing the demand for the resources to make and fuel them
Population growth: more people create a higher demand for resources
Societal values: changes in culture, higher expectations of living standards
Availability: amount of raw resources available to produce the product and the
amount of technology needed to produce the resources
Employment structure: tertiary economies along with secondary economies demand
more resources to fuel their industry and primary economies need less as they have
less of a demand for resources to fuel their economy. Therefore the demand for
resources is likely to be greater in areas which are developing such as NIC's like China
and India, and in past economies of currently developed countries such as the UK
during the industrial revolution when the UK was also a NIC.
Religion/culture: some religions do not eat certain foods such as Jews not eating
pork; therefore Jewish communities would have a lower demand for meat.


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