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Land use case studies
Urbanisation- AS geography OCR…read more

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Helston, Cornwall
Topography (physical factors)
· Eastern slopes of river Cober- easy access from sea
· Steep slopes to west- harder for building on
· Valley provides shelter
· Gap town between important physical features
(Atlantic ocean and Helford ria)
· River Cober used to be a port providing shelter for
ships but an increase in sedimentation has meant the
river has become unnavigable…read more

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Helston, Cornwall
Economic factors
· Market town and transport centre due to mining industry
· Centre for coinage from nearby mines
· 20th century decline in fishing, farming and mining
· Water ma trout industrial estate created in 1980's leading
to decentralisation and multi nuclei land use
Social factors
· Suburbanisation- private housing to north, large secondary
school and leisure centre creates growth of services
· Local authority housing to south…read more

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Helston, Cornwall
· Naval housing for 3000 naval personnel due to
development of Culdrose naval base, leading to
expansion of town
· Population growth made Helston retail centre in 1970'
· Large supermarkets on urban-rural fringe lead to
dead heart syndrome
· Increase in popularity and availability of transport led
to people shopping in towns away from Helston such
as Truro
· 1990's further private housing built in north west due
to immigration from retirement…read more

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Helston, Cornwall
Historical factors
· Stannary town and centre of Cornish economy
· Dereliction of CBD
· Suburban instinctification to north
· Town growing in population and becoming a dormitory
· Recent regeneration- re imaging old cattle market
using European convergence funds…read more

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Buenos Aries, Argentina
Land use
· Zonal- centred around Plaza de Mayo and colonial town hall
(historical core of city) city expanded around core in a
formal gird like pattern
· Low density suburbs such as Palermo have large gardens,
tree lined streets and golf courses similar to rich
European cities
· Outer Buenos Aries suffers from urban sprawl- low
quality, high density housing with few open spaces, and
poorly maintained roads and services
· Squatter settlements occupy outskirts filled with low
quality housing, lack of services, located on unoccupied
land near transport links…read more

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