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Rivers revision cards…read more

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Key Terms
· Base flow- Part of a rivers discharge produced by
groundwater seeping slowly into river bed
· Channel store- Water stored in a river
· Channel flow- Water flowing in a river
· Evaporation- Water changing from liquid to gas
· Groundwater flow- Water flowing through rocks towards
the river
· Groundwater store- water stored in permeable rocks
below surface of the ground
· Interception- precipitation that is held temporarily on
vegetation etc.
· Surface runoff- the movement of water over the ground to
the river
· Percolation- water draining through rocks towards the
water table…read more

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Key terms continued-
· Precipitation- water, ice, sleet & hale falling from the sky
into the drainage basin
· Soil water store- water stored in the soil
· Stem flow- precipitation that runs down plant stems and
trees to the ground
· Surface storage- water lying on the ground (e.g. puddle)
· Through flow- water flowing through the soil towards the
· Through fall- precipitation that drips through vegetation
to the ground
· Transpiration- the evaporation of moisture from
· Vegetation store- water stored in plant and trees
· Infiltration- movement of water from the ground into the
ground…read more

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Key terms continued further-
· Soil moisture surplus- precipitation >
potential evaporation
· Spoil moisture utilisation- evaporation >
· Soil moisture recharge- the water stores in
the soil that were used are replenished
· Soil moisture surplus- when stores are
replenished water become surplus…read more

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Erosion processes
· Abrasion- When a river picks up material and
then rubs it against its bed and banks.
· Corrosion-chemical action that dissolves bed
and banks
· Hydraulic action- force of water that hits river
banks and cracks
· Attrition- Boulders collide with one another as
they move down the river, and break into
smaller pieces.…read more

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Transportation of eroded materials
· Saltation- pebbles, sand and gravel are lifted up by
the current and bounced along the bed.
· Traction- larger boulders rolling or sliding along
the riverbed. Only experienced in times of great
· Solution- Water in a river contains acids. Where
the bedrock is easily dissolved
· Suspension- Small particles of clay and silt are
carried.…read more

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This presentation is designed to be printed out and used as revision cards - ideal for this. There is loads of useful information here from you presented in a variety of different formats.

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