Mr A Gibson


This presentation is designed to be printed out and used as revision cards - ideal for this. There is loads of useful information here from you presented in a variety of different formats.



hey, thank you for creating this revision resource! The information really helped me and now i know all my key term definitions, the only thing i would say is that it looked a little boring and lacked thew funkiness every child should experience. Other than that it really helped me and i hope you have or will create more resources. I have changed the design of the power point and added some more info just because it didn't have all the key terms. I have re posted it and uploaded it to my page so we will see if anyone prefers mine, i already have 13 comments and all have rated it 5 stars so i can tell that people prefer it when the power points are animated, colorful and actually have all the correct terms. Thank you again, stay safe through lock down and make sure to wash your hands and keep two meters between you and anyone at all times:)