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1. Growing one crop multiple times on the same soil can destroy the soil's fertility by
depleting specific nutrients. Agricultural technology appropriate for one place may
not be suitable for another because of differences in growing conditions and soil
types. Sustainable farming is…

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nitrate(V) ammonium sulfate and ammonium phosphate. Some ammonia is used in
the fermentation industry to adjust pH.
8. Pesticides (insectides, herbicides, fungicides) kill insects that eat our crops,
weeds that compete with the crops for soil nutrients, and moulds that rot plants and
seeds. Some are banned, e.g. DDT,…

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6. A paint is usually made up of two main parts: the colouring matter (pigment) and the
liquid that carries the pigment and allows it to spread and bind to a surface (binder).
The binder must be viscous enough to prevent paint from running but not too sticky

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evaporation is high, the sea is saltier. Salt was used to preserve food before
refrigerators and freezers were invented.
3. Underneath the sediments of the ocean floor are lavas, generated by long, thin
underwater ridges. Lava and gases high in chlorine, bromine and sulfur compounds
well up from the…

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measures how good a substance is at storing thermal energy. Water is one of the
best substances for doing this so has a high cp.
11. Salty water is denser than pure water, and water is denser when it is colder.

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1. Cholesterol is a lipid found in cell membranes. There are two types; LDL and HDL. LDL
carries cholesterol around the body where it is deposited in arteries causing
narrowing and eventually blockage. HDL collects cholesterol and transports it to the
liver to be broken down. Statins…



You don't have a similar document for the storylines of the F334 exam do you? Would be great!


By the way on the last page of the document the title is Material Revolution rather than Medicines by Design as I'm assuming its meant to be :)

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