Agriculture and Industry (AI) notes from Storylines

These are my notes on AI from the Chemical Storylines textbook (not the Chemical Ideas textbook)
Please do check the specification (on the OCR website) for what you need to know exactly, these are just my personal notes

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02/04/13 E. Singh

Agriculture and Industry: Chemical Storylines notes

AI 1

The rapid increase in the human population means we must find ways to
produce more food to feed ourselves
Sustainable agriculture - increasing food production without degrading the
There are things we should be aware of and not…

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02/04/13 E. Singh

Addition to soil nitrogen

Biological fixation - some bacteria in soil and in legume root nodules convert
nitrogen gas to NH4+ ions.
N2(g) = 8H+(aq) + 6e- 2NH4+(aq)
Other additions - lightning (splits NN) and burning hydrocarbon fuels
produce nitrogen oxides. These are released into the atmosphere…

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02/04/13 E. Singh

In the Haber process, the following reaction takes places:
N2(g) + 3H2(g) 2NH3(g)
For this process, a high pressure gives a greater yield of ammonia, however the
higher the pressure, the greater the cost and maintenance of equipment
needed e.g. strong reaction vessels. There are also more…

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02/04/13 E. Singh

Pyrethroids are compounds related to ntural pyrethrins - active against insects
but do not oxidise in light
In mammals, pyrethroids are rapidly broken down into polar products by
oxidation or hydrolysis of the ester group present, then excreted
Synthetic pyrethroids persist on crops for 7-30 days. Any…

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02/04/13 E. Singh

From the specification

* calculate oxidation states and explain and write equations and half-equations for redox
reactions (synoptic) including those involved in the interconversion of the following
compounds in the nitrogen cycle: nitrogen gas, nitrate(V) ion, nitrate(III) ion,
ammonium ion, oxides of nitrogen; define oxidation and reduction…


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