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chloeeyay Chemistry Revision

Carbonyl Compounds

Aldehydes have a carbonyl group at the end of the molecule
Ketones have a C=O bond in the middle of their carbon chain. They often have a number
to show which carbon the carbonyl group is on, i.e pentan-2-one
Acidified potassium dichromate (K2Cr2O7 / H2SO4)…

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chloeeyay Chemistry Revision

produced. Acid anhydrides can be warmed with an alcohol to produce an ester and a carboxylic
acid, which can be separated from each other by fractional distillation.
Esters have the functional group -COO- and their name is made up of two parts, the first is…

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chloeeyay Chemistry Revision

Poor availability (few outlets and manufacturers)
More expensive to produce
Crops grown for biofuel use up land for food crops
A suitable climate is needed
Some countries have limited water
Not enough food waste to mass produce
Carbon neutral ­ reduces emissions


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