Colour by design

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  • Colour by design
    • azo dyes
      • formation of azo dyes
        • diazotisation
        • coupling
      • attaching dyes to fibres: ionic bonds, covalent bonding, mordanting, fibre-reactive dyes, hydrogen bonds, instantaneous dipole-induced dipole
    • fats and oils
      • triglyceride (triester) structure: formed from glycerol and fatty acids
    • organic synthesis
      • synthetic steps
    • gas-liquid chromatography
    • carbonyl compounds
      • reaction to form cyanohydrins
        • reaction mechanism
      • tests for aldehydes
        • Fehling's solution (brick red)
        • Tollens' reagent (silver mirror)
    • coloured molecules
      • origin of colour: electrons excited to higher energy levels
    • benzene
      • arenes
        • naming arenes
        • reactions of aromatic compounds
          • sulfonation
          • nitration
          • Friedel-Crafts reactions
          • electrophilic substitution
      • bonding in benzene
        • delocalisation of electrons not associated with particular pairs of atoms
          • conjugated systems


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