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Polymers and Amino Acids

Amino Acids

AlphaAmino Acids
amino acids have a carboxylic acid group and an amine group attached to the same
carbon atom, which is also a chiral centre.

Isoelectric point: the pH at which an amino acid has no charge.
Zwitterion: A molecule with net charge of…

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Polymers and Amino Acids

Acid Hydrolysis
Reagents and Conditions: heat under reflux, concentrated HCl

Alkali Hydrolysis
Reagents and Conditions: hot aqueous NaOH

Condensation Polymerisation

A polyester is made from a diol and a dicarboxylic acid.
It is described as a condensation reaction as water is eliminated as
the ester…

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Polymers and Amino Acids

reaction as water is eliminated as the amide link is formed. Used in the manufacture of clothing.

Kevlar is another polyamide made from the monomers
benzene1,4dioic acid and benzene1,4diamine. It is a very
strong polymer used in fire and bullet proof vests and crash

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Polymers and Amino Acids

Most plastic packaging is addition polymers which will not degrade in landfill sites. Environmental demand means we have had
to produce biodegradable plastics. These have chemical bonds that will hydrolyse (similar to polyesters and polyamides). A
polymer based on tapiocha starch will decompose in only 28…


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