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Case Studies
Unit 4…read more

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Japanese Earthquake Fact File
· Magnitude- 9
· Date: Time- Friday March 11th 2011; 14.46pm
· Location ­ Near the East Coast of Honshu,
· Depth- 32km or 19.9 miles…read more

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Japan 2011
Human impacts
· 14,998 deaths
· 5,279 injured
· 9,853 missing
· 190,000 buildings destroyed or damaged; 45,700 destroyed
· Out of those deaths; 12,143 casualties or 92.5% died by
· Four passenger trains disappeared near the coast
· At least 1.5 million houses were without water; by 21st March
· According to TEP; around 4.4 million left without electricity
· 300,000 refugees in the Tohoku region.…read more

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Japan 2011
Economic impacts
· Industrial production stopped
· Estimated cost of rebuilding $122 billion
· 12th April 2011; cost of direct material damage
estimated at $300 billion
· North Tohoku accounts for 8% of Japan's GDP
· Damage to fishing industry $5 billion; 90% of
29,000 fishing boats deemed un-usable…read more

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Japan 2011
Environmental Impacts
· The Midway Atoll National Wildlife Refuge sustained losses of that
more than 110,000 Laysan Albatross chicks ­ representing
approximately 22% of chicks born this year ­ along with an
estimated two thousand adults. In addition, thousands of Bonin
petrels were buried alive, and thousands of fish were washed
ashore where they suffocated on Eastern Island.
· Other grave problems stem from the onslaught of seawater laden
with sediments and toxins. Aquifers, the primary source of
drinking water, have been contaminated by saltwater, raw
sewage, oil, and other pollutants. On the coasts of Indonesia and
Sri Lanka, paddies and farm fields are smothered under a crust of
salt and silt. Some areas may never recover, for others irrigation
and one or more rainy seasons may be enough to flush out the
soil. For now farmers are being encouraged to plant salt-tolerant
crops, like pumpkins and kale.…read more

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