Extreme Environment- Deserts, AQA, GCSE

A powerpoint full of key facts needed to know for deserts. The information was found in a booklet written by my teacher, however, it is written and interpretted in my own words, with an extra 3 exam questions I have gained marks in practices. Hope it helps :)

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Geography Revision- Deserts
By Stephanie Smith…read more

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Where are hot desert environments?
· The tropics of Cancer and Capricorn
· Between 15 and 30 degrees North and South
of the equator
· Many- the western side of the continent. E.g.:
­ Australian Desert
­ Atacama Desert (South America)
­ Mexican Desert
­ The Kalahari Desert…read more

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The climate of a hot desert ecosystem
· High annual temperatures
· > 250mm of rain per year
· Cloudless skies
­ Temperatures reaching 50 degrees centigrade
· Below freezing temperatures at night
­ Because heat quickly escapes back to the
atmosphere without clouds…read more

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Why do they have high temperatures?
Close to the equator
· The sun's rays are concentrated because they'
re close to the equator
· Because of this, the ground and air near get
very hot
· Also, because they pass straight through the
atmosphere at the equator, they don't loose
much energy
­ 75% of heat energy makes it to the surface…read more

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Why do they have high temperatures?
Areas of high pressure
· They are positioned around the tropics:
­ These are areas of high pressure where the air sinks and
pushes down
· When it sinks, it begins to warm up
· Therefore, little condensation takes place as there is
no moisture in the air
­ (Condensation only takes place when air rises and cools)
· There are no clouds because there's no condensation
· No clouds can block the sunlight coming through
therefore the sun's heat energy reaches the surface…read more

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Why do they have Low rainfall?
They have dry winds:
· Some deserts such as the Sahara are caused
by dry winds
· Because of the prevailing wind, the air is dry
­ It blows over large areas of land, towards the sea
­ Because of this, it hasn't had the chance to pick up
much moisture so there are very low rainfall totals…read more

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great revision source!

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