Exploitation and development of the Tundra SAMI in Permafrost areas

Exploitation and development of the Tundra -Arctic -SAMI in Permafrost areas

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Arctic with Bruce Parry ­ Norway and Russia, the Sami of northern Europe
Sami live in northern Norway, Sweden, Finland and Russia but
are under threat by more people moving in to their areas and
preventing their indigenous, nomadic lifestyles especially
around the town of Tromso
Sami have lived in the area for 10,000 years ­ sustainable
traditional lifestyle
Reindeer value £1000
Modern reindeer herders using snowmobiles ­ does this
compromise sustainability? See 36min 45
Changing lifestyles of the Sami ­ modern v traditional
42mins-48min 40
Sending some reindeer to slaughter ­ only means of
income for the Sami
Increasing fuel prices etc Sami not rich
Forced out of Tromso ­ town making a big harbour,
want Sami to move out, reindeer need space to find
food but being pushed on to smaller amounts of land
leading to potential overgrazing in areas
Towns blocking migration routes, herdsman forced to
transport the reindeer by boat to winter grazing lands
Totally unnatural, subsidised by Norwegian
Reindeer not free to migrate naturally, dictated by
boat schedule
Old and new traditions but culture stays strong
Tundra permafrost areas:
Boreal forest in lower latitude, higher latitudes (towards the Arctic circle) have less vegetation cover
Lichen and moss covers the ground; reindeer and other wildlife feed on this
Permafrost - Evidence of blockfields (large angular boulders on the surface)
Evidence of previous U shape valleys, ribbon lakes and misfit streams
Evidence of hummocky landscape due to frost heave, some evidence of patterned ground
Evidence of wet active top layer ­ 36-39mins
Scientists scrutinising changes in the climate and the effects on the
Impact of humans ­ particularly methane, potent greenhouse gas
Concern that global warming is causing thawing of the permafrost
which then releases huge quantities of methane and therefore
further fuels global warming
Scientist record changes in the glacier due to temperature rises of
2C in the last 40 years
Evidence for climate change clear ­ both natural and human, who
have accelerated the changes
Impact of climate change in the Arctic will have a global consequences including weather patterns and sea level rise


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