Explanations for intense fandom (celebrity worship)- absorption addiction model

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Media psychology
Explanations for intense fandom (celebrity worship)- Absorption addiction model
Stage 1- absorption: the individual's attention is entirely focused on the
celebrity and they try and find out everything about him or her.
Stages 2- addiction: the individual; craves greater closeness to the chosen
celebrity and becomes increasingly delusional in thinking and behaviour. The
main motivation is to achieve a full sense of identity and a social role.
The addiction then causes the individual to find out even more information meaning
they become increasingly addicted.
This mainly affects people who have a weak sense of identity.
Found a significant positive correlation between the corresponding pairs of
dimensions (although the effect was very small for the psychoticism/borderline
pathological paring).
Found that intense personal aspects of celebrity worship were associated with
poorer mental health and that this relationship can be understood within the
dimensions of neuroticism and a coping style that suggests disengagement and
failure to acknowledge stressful events. This shows that the 3 types of celebrity
worship are valid ways of describing that type of behaviour.
First model used to investigate celebrity worship: and it established
three types of worship (entertainment social, intense personal and
borderline pathological). This simplified the previous 37 types of celebrity
Can explain individual differences: in terms of which level they are on
and whether they were extrovert, neurotic or psychotic. For example, those
who are on the entertainment social level tend to have a extrovert
personality; those on the intense personal level tend to have a neurotic
personality and those on the borderline pathological level tend to have a
psychotic personality.
Supported by evidence: Maltby evidence shows a link between
personality and worship level.
Correlational support: therefore we don't know if your personality type
causes celebrity worship or if they are just related.

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Media psychology
Evidence is based on self reports: these have issues with social
desirability bias as people can lie on a questionnaire in order to fit in with
expectations of society or social norms. This causes the conclusions to be
possibly invalid.
Description not explanation: as it doesn't say why people worship
celebrities.…read more


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