The attraction of celebrity

The attraction of celebrity


An individual is attracted to another person (usually a celebrity) but that person is unaware of the existence of the person who has created the ‘relationship’.

Appealing because such relationships make few demands. Because a fan does not have a ‘real’ relationship with the celebrity, they don’t run the risk of criticism or rejection.

With whom do we have


Parasocial relationships are most likely to form with TV celebrities who are seen as attractive, similar in some way to the viewer, and act in a believable way.

If the celebrity acts in a believable way, viewers are able to compare how they would behave in similar circumstances, using the celebrity as a model for their own behaviour.


Most people never go beyond admiring a celebrity because of their ‘entertainment’ or ‘social’ value. The motivation driving this absorption can become addictive, leadingthe person to more extreme behaviours to satisfy their addiction.

Entertainment-social level

Fans are attracted to a celebrity because of their perceived ability to




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