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  • Attraction of Celebrity
    • A01
      • One explanation is social-psychological explanations.
        • This includes parasocial relationships which is where an individual is attracted to another but the target individual is usually unaware of it.
          • The relationship may be appealing as they make fewer demands and there is no fear or rejection
          • Schippa concluded from a meta-analysis that a parasocial relationship is likely to form if the celebrity is seen as attractive and similar to them in some way
      • Another explanation is the 'Absorption-addiction model developed by Mccutcheon
        • The model suggests that motivational forces during absorption may become addictive. This leads the person to more extreme behaviours in order to sustain satisfaction with the parasocial relationship
        • Giles + Maltby identified three levels in this process from the CAS.
          • Entertainment-social is the first and it's the perceived ability to entertain + source of social interaction
            • The next stage is intense-personal where the person has intensive and compulsive feelings about the celebrity
              • The final stage is borderline pathological where the person has uncontrollable behaviours and fantasies
    • A02
      • Research suggests you may be more vulnerable to parasocial relationships if they were insecure resistant in infancy.
        • Maltby used the personality questionnaire to assess the relationship between level of celebrity worship and personality. They found that whereas the entertainment-social level was associated wit extraversion, the intense-personal was related with neuroticism which is related to anxiety and depression
          • This provides a clear explanation of why high levels of celebrity worship is related to poor mental health


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