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Hugo Clay

Evaluate the nature and scale of climate change in the past 20,000
years up to the present day. (40 marks)

Climate change refers to the change in global temperatures and precipitation over
time due to natural variability or to human activity. It can be caused for a number…

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Hugo Clay

Changes in sea level is one example as the presence of rias and fjords suggests rising
(eustatic) sea levels, flooding glacial and river valleys due to a warming of the climate.
Isostatic uplifts like the raised beaches in Scotland also show changes in the climate.
Glacial deposits show…

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Hugo Clay

during the cooler autumn. The width of the ring depends on the conditions of each year. A
wide band indicates a warm and wet year, a narrower one is cooler and drier conditions.
Recent investigations on these two type of analysis have caused a changed in view. With…


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