examples of supply and demand in Dhaka and Birmingham

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Supply and demand in Dhaka and Birmingham
Both cities have rising populations, Dhaka is growing by 300-400,000 per
year, increasing the demand for services
Both cities have low tax base to pay for services, creating a lack of supply
Dhaka has large informal economy leading to lack of expertise
Dhaka has low education levels (20% don't receive education) creating
further lack of expertise and supply
Birmingham's inner ring suffers deprivation due to lack of employment-
40% population live in 10% most deprived wards in UK- creating a low tax
base and a lack of funding for services
300-400,000 per year in Dhaka creating an uncertainty of number of
people who need services
Lack of expertise in Dhaka- ½ million children work in child labour and
receive little education reducing amount of expertise in future
Birmingham's increasing population puts pressure on transport services
Dhaka- fast replacement of population as immigrants replace those escaping


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