Birmingham and Dhaka case study

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Birmingham and Dhaka
Modern, developed and progressive city
During the industrial revolution, known as `the workshop of the world'
Faced problems when industries moved to NICs in the 2nd half of the 20C
Global shift in manufacturing to NICs #
New functions banking, finance and insurance
Tourism increasingly important part of city economy
Now accounts over 40% of UK conference and exhibition trade
Sporting and cultural venues attract large numbers of visitors
Re-imaging Birmingham
Decaying, dirty, industrial city to a dynamic, slick service centre
Down to decision makers and mangers
A heavy reliance on financial support of companies, great and small
Help of the media promote and spread the image of the new
post-industrial Birmingham changing people's perception
Required regeneration in core and inner ring to provide modern offices and
shops essential part of new economic role and city's `new face'
Problems re-imaging Birmingham
Higher skilled jobs have gone to commuters from the surrounding West
High rates of unemployment in inner ring
Prosperous core is almost surrounded by ring of old and inadequate housing,
poor services and poverty
Lagging areas feel increasingly disaffected
Strong polarisation
Capital of Bangladesh
Similar population as London
Thriving city growing middle class increasing demand for consumer
and luxury goods average earn £1.50 a day Polarisation
Links between Birmingham and Dhaka
Birmingham is home to one of the largest Bangladeshi communities in UK
Both involved in global shift Dhaka winner and Birmingham loser
Dhaka has cheap labour

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Birmingham and Dhaka
Dhaka unemployment 25% high rate of population growth (rural-urban
migration) and rate of population is out stripping the rate of new jobs
Informal sector in Dhaka
Rickshaw ½ million involved keep city moving create congestion
often crash no sides (exposed) driver chew gum keep them
awake, hallucinations
Earn 12p a day
½ million children work informal sector
Problem drug abuse, sex abuse, traffic accidents and crime
Lead to serious health and developmental problem
Urban change in Dhaka and Birmingham
Contrasts Comparisons…read more

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Birmingham and Dhaka
Urban deprivation in Dhaka
Less statistics government not as developed
Slums, violence, malnutrition, poor education, pick on women and children
Symptoms and causes of urban deprivation
Symptoms Causes
High unemployment Genetics not much you can do
Poor health and health care about it
High crime rates Education can't do much, have to
Poor living environment work instead
Low income Lack of opportunities no
chances, difficult
Service Provision in Birmingham and Dhaka
UK NHS, Education, Social services, Public library's
Responsibility of local and…read more

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Birmingham and Dhaka
45% Literacy rate
Not enough space
Managing Service Provision in Birmingham
Stage 1 19C
Back to back houses little space, poor clean water
Few people lived in detached houses (owners and managers)
Mostly manufacturing
Schools over crowned, large class size
Stage 2 after WW2 (1945)
Run down houses bombed
Re housed in suburbs cul-de-sacs (out of city)
Stage 3 Caribbean and Indian immigration
Moved back into inner ring (immigrates)
Council housing
Stage 4 High rise blocks of flats and suburban council estates…read more


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