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Sarah Tout

Grimm Tales Self Evaluation
For our 5th form play, we decided we would perform a grotesque, exaggerated production of Carol
Ann Duffy's version of `Grimm Tales'. Our director took inspiration from the French playwright and
actor Antonin Artaud, one of the most experimental dramatist of his time. We…

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Sarah Tout

show agitation, clutched at my chest when I mentioned that we would bring the children into the
`black, cold heart of' the forest to show that my own heart was cold and evil. Throughout the play I
coloured the lines that talked about food making me sound avaricious.…

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Sarah Tout

instead of easing them out of bed I jerked them out of bed. This was also to show my lack of motherly
instinct which would drive me to abandon them. To show my rapaciousness as I fetched the bread I
stared at the audience in a paranoid way…


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