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Paper 2 Schools History
18th and 19th century hospitals
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Florence Nightingale key dates:
Born in 1820
In 1851 she trained as a nurse for 3 months
Arrived in Scutari in 1854 with 38 nurses
Left in 1856
In 1859 she published `Notes on Hospitals' and
`Notes on Nursing'
In 1860 she opened the Nightingale school of
Died in 1910…read more

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Scutari at the beginning of 1854
Not well ventilated
Dirty Just think of all of
the things you
Overcrowded expect a hospital
With few medical and to be like today.
food supplies The soldiers had
Close to sewage none of these
No sanitation
40% of soldiers died
there…read more

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What she gave them
Clean clothes
Comfortable beds
Clean water (by unplugging the sewage
Warm Food
Medical treatment
Trained nurses; in uniforms, with medical
knowledge and experience…read more

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She made nursing a
respectable profession; before
then nurses were thought of as
drunks who weren't to be
trusted.…read more

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Mary Seacole
She was also a nurse in Scutari, in 1855 ­ but she
was uneducated because when she applied for
training she was rejected as she was black.
She learnt about nursing and gained experience
from her mother.
She set up a store, only two miles from Balaclava,
where soldiers could get food and other supplies.
She even went onto the battlefield!…read more

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