evaluation points for the nature of memory

some evaluation points that can be used for memory

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Evaluation points for memory research
Most memory studies lack ecological validity because they used
meaningless information such as nonsense trigrams. This means that our
memory may be different in real life if we have to remember important
Some studies have used real life memories such as Henry Bahrick's study of
long term memory involving memories of class friends. This had high
ecological validity as because real memories were used the results could be
generalised to real life. However, it had low internal validity as the
repeated testing could improve memory therefore memories may not last as
long as Bahrick said.
Nearly all of the studies are examples of lab experiments. These control
lots of extraneous variables such as time of day and weather which can all
influence our memories of real life events. By controlling these variables
the conclusions of the study will have high levels f internal validity.
experiments are also replicable as they can be repeated to get
consistent, reliable results.


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