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12 Mark Unit 1 Questions

Cognitive- Memory

Example Questions:

Outline and evaluate the multi-store model of memory (12)
A02 points=
View that there are separate memory stores is supported by a variety of evidence
View that STM & LTM are unitary stores has been challenged
Model has been challenged its…

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A02 points=
There is evidence to support the use of a cognitive interview
Police forces use it in different ways making it difficult to assess its effectiveness
Its limited in usefulness for some types of witnesses (e.g. children)
Outline and evaluate what research has told us about the techniques to…

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A02 points=
Advantages/Disadvantages surrounding the use of a meta analysis
The dominance of secure attachments suggests it is a universal type and therefore
supports Bowlby's theory
The use of the strange situation to gather research is problematic as it may be bias towards
western cultures
Outline and evaluate what research…

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*Remember you should be aiming for 100 words of A02


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