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euthanasia:The painless killing of a patient suffering from an incurable and painful disease or in
an irreversible coma. Often referred to as mercy killing. Comes from the Greek Eu meaning
good and thantos meaning death, so it literally means good death.
voluntary euthanasia: this is when they ask…

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because it creates a universe where anyone ill can be killed. So kant does not agree with
euthanasia 1) it contradictory if universalised 2) its murder and to universalise murder is wrong.
Utilitarianism: Bentham's hedonic Calculus can be used to weigh up the pleasure and pain caused
by two courses…

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to kill herself. He did not get immunity, the disease took its inevitable course, and Dianne Pretty
died in hospital under exactly the sort of conditions she had wanted to avoid. A documentary
crew recorded the suffering and loss of dignity that Dianne Pretty endured, and this made her

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Many terminal illnesses can cause distressing and painful symptoms when the person reaches their
final stages, such as:
muscle spasms
bone pain
unpleasant and sometimes frightening breathing difficulties
upsetting emotions and feelings such as fear, apprehension and distress
Palliative sedation is a way of relieving needless suffering. While palliative sedation…


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