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Euthanasia Notes...
Euthanasia means mercy killing.
It is the intentional premature ending of another's life either
by direct means (active euthanasia) or by withholding
medical treatment, food or hydration (passive euthanasia),
because the patient asks for it (voluntary euthanasia) or
without their express request (involuntary euthanasia).
It is illegal in the UK but is legal in some countries like The
For Euthanasia...
Voluntary Euthanasia is not murder.
Killing humans that don't want to live is not wrong.
It isn't wrong by helping them to die because they are
already dying.
Voluntary Euthanasia is merciful.
Mercy for those suffering with intolerable pain.
Rather die than live in misery.
A Torturing and lingering pain, so that there is no hope either
of recovery or ease.
Voluntary Euthanasia gives people full autonomy.
For matters that don't concern anyone else, individuals
should have full autonomy (self rule).
We expect control of our bodies in life we should have
control in matters of death.
Euthanasia already goes on.
A survey showed that some doctors already help patients to
Doctors can legally give painrelieving treatment in does that
will bring about people's death more quickly, and in certain
cases, such as brain dead or comatose they also may
withdraw treatment.
Voluntary Euthanasia maintains quality of life.
Maintains dignity.
Having control over my life is a way of enhancing my human

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Against Euthanasia...
Life is a sacred gift from God.
Sanctity of life.
Killing is forbidden.
Moral absolute.
Against the law and the Ten Commandments.
Suffering has a special place in God's Plan.
Suffering is God testing us.
Spiritual growth.
When a person asks for death how can we be sure that the
person isn't crying out in despair?
Patient vulnerable.
Motives of others? Will & £££?
The risk of misinformation or a failure to comprehend.…read more


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