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Religion revision Notes for revision cards

Plato and Aristotle
o A follower of the Socrates
o Plato was interested in what is beyond everyday experiences ­ what
cannot be seen
o He believed you could know about what you cannot see by using reason
o He was a…

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o The prisoner who escapes ­ represents the philosopher who comes to
knowledge of true reality, he understands the real world.
o The return to the cave- represents the philosophers duty to return and
educate the others

o The purpose of this story is to show
o There is another…

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2. If there is a form of a form e.g. goodness what is stopping you having a form
of a form of a form (infinite regression).
3. There is no such absolute value of good. It is all shades of opinion about
what it good. People may also have different…

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The prime mover has to be eternal and really exist but not in a bodily form
like us otherwise it will be subject to change just like we are.
Aristotle's prime mover can only exist in a spiritual way.
There are some similarities between Aristotle's prime mover and God;

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o An argument put forward by Gaunilo is a perfect island. He suggests that
anyone can think of the perfect island. Just because this island can be
conceived (thought of) this doesn't mean it exist
o Gaunilos island analogy implies that it is absurd to say that because you

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o Kant agreed with Descartes definition of the 3 sided solid figure must be a
triangle, however Kant pointed out if you don't have a triangle in the first
place then it wont have three sides anyways
o Applying this to the existence of God Kant argued that if you…

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If we cannot in our present life attain this goal, there must be someone else
who can ensure that we can attain it in the future life. God as the cause of
the whole of nature has the necessary power.
God, the highest original good is both the ground for…

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Life contains many situations which people automatically take an
absolutist approach to for example cruelty to a baby is wrong
Weaknesses of Moral Absolutism
It is too rigid sometimes it is better to break the rules e.g. breaking the
speed limit when trying to get to the hospital, lying to…

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Easier to calculate than potential happiness - people know what their
preferences are.
BUT anything goes if that's what people want!
Every person affected by the action taken preferences count.
`Personhood' = sentience (having senses capacity for happiness &
Rational, autonomous, self-conscious.
Every rational being affected should have equal…

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highest respect. It is not up to us to take life away from anyone, it is up to
Quality of life is about being able to experience life and communicate with
others, being fulfilled and content inside you. If a person was being kept alive
artificially or was in…


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